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Our younger dancers cover a varied syllabus where they are able to experience; Ballet, Tap, Contemporary dance, Jazz,  Hip Hop and Street Dance. This has proven to be very popular as dance classes are kept short and varied and younger dancers are kept interested and stimulated. Our instructors teach them not only basic dance steps and creative movement curriculum, but peer interaction. For many of our young children this is the first group activity where they have the chance to interact with others their age and learn the dynamics of being in a group, all very important life skills. Students learn to take turns, they learn about personal space, when it is appropriate to hold hands, say a partner dance or a circle dance with the class, and when it is necessary to leave their hands to themselves. All these skills are learned while enjoying the thrills of movement, new steps and fun “game like” activities that teach the fundamentals of dance.

As students progress they will spend longer periods of time developing technique and focusing on a particular style of dance. Dance classes begin to increase in difficulty and become a great tool for exercise and personal fitness as well as increasing flexibility and improving balance and coordination. The balance, coordination and flexibility will be greatly beneficial to any sports they decide to play later in their childhood. It also teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Keeping kids active and making them realise the importance of staying active, whether it be through dance or other exercise, will be greatly beneficial to them as they continue to grow. There are many other activities that have similar benefits, but the beauty of dance for children is all of the skills can be practiced and improved upon while dancing to music and having fun. Making learning fun for kids is the biggest obstacle. Our aim is to make dance fun and enjoyable for all our students and keep them interested, so they are ready and willing to learn new things. Most of the time our young dancers don’t even realise they learning!

All of our dancers our given opportunities to perform, through Acting Up Productions. Our students have a great say in what dance styles they would like to contribute to our shows, making the opportunity even more fun for them and giving pupils a huge sense of achievement.

Dance Classes in Gateshead / Newcastle
If you’re in the North East of England, and want your child to learn dance then contact us to arrange a visit to ourdance studio based in Gateshead.

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