Curtis Appleby – Classroom Assistant.

Curtis Appleby – Classroom Assistant.

A former pupil of Acting Up. Curtis has achieved Distintions at Gold Medal in Acting with The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Curtis is studying Theatre Studies at A level and is currently apply for a place Drama school.

‘I love acting because of the rush, and the thrill. To begin with, you start with a big group of people who hardly know one another. We become best friends, like family. We work together for hours every day, blocking, rehearsing, reading off line after line, and it’s so hard, but SO fun. Then, it’s the day of the show. Up until the last few days, it seemed like a life time away, then it closed in like a speeding train. Stepping onto the stage, under those brilliant lights, my mind is transformed, and I become someone new. I feel my old self watching, detached, and I live someone else’s life. Then, in the end, the audience thunders with applause, and knowing that it’s for me is so amazing! I really hope to have a long and successful career as a professional Actor.’

As classroom assistant as Acting Up – Curtis enjoys supporting Early Years children and staff.

TV & Theatre Credits include: Lead Role in ITV TV Drama Heburn. Baby Jon- Westside Story Theatre Royal Newcastle and many other productions! To many to mention!

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