Advice from Public Health England

We have received a few emails regarding the Covid-19 Virus. Therefore, we want to update our parents on how we are dealing with this situation. 

Firstly, we have been given very clear advice from Public Health England on this matter which we wish to share with you to allay any fears you may have.  This can be found at:  
You can be assured that, as always, we will adhere to the advice given.

Secondly, we will be reminding all students about the importance of good hand hygiene and would be grateful for your support with this. Our students will be encouraged to wash their hands with hot water and soap at break times or use a hand sanitiser. These are available at Theatre School. Early Years and Pre School children will do this under supervision – to ensure good hygiene.
Finally, a general principle to follow is that students should cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the bin. ‘Catch it.  Bin it.  Kill it.’
Paula Wright.