Code of Conduct


It is compulsory that all pupils attend in school uniform. Hair must be well groomed for all subjects and jewellery should not be worn at any time. Only pupils who are in their trial period will be allowed into lessons without uniform. Uniform can be ordered at Theatre School or by email or telephone. 

Uniform order sheets can be found in reception, uniform can only be collected when it has been paid for.

Pupil Behaviour.

We are a Theatre School and expect the students to behave with respect for fellow students. We will not tolerate bad behaviour of any kind, including: continual disruption to the running of the school & lessons; mental/physical abuse of other members or teachers/principals; swearing, bad language or inappropriate behaviour.

Whilst at examinations and public performances your child is an ambassador of our school and we expect your child to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times. Should your child exhibit any signs of bad behaviour the principal will decide the most appropriate course of action, which may result in expulsion from the school. Where necessary the parent/guardian will be kept informed.
Late Policy

All children should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the session, if your child is continuously late you will be contacted by the principal. Should your child arrive late to a dance lesson and have missed the warm up your child will not be able to take part as this may cause injury.
Break Time Policy

All children are to remain on site under the supervision of class teacher during break times. Students will be isolated and break times staggered, to ensure social distancing. Children should attend with a drink and light snack.

Parent Mail.

We email parents regularly with our latest information and news. Should you not have received an email in the last 2 weeks, please text your email address to Paula Wright 07876 595 204.

School Fee’s.

Acting Up offers the first session free of charge as a taster session, followed by a 6 week trial period where fees can be paid weekly before the session until you are happy your child has settled and Theatre School is something they wish to continue. After this time fees are to be paid on a term by term basis. As a parent/guardian you will be held responsible for payment, even if your child does not attend a class. This encourages regular attendance that will enable your child to progress more quickly. Pupils with outstanding invoices will be asked to stop lessons until the balance is cleared. School fee’s depend on the age of your child and which classes he/she attends, please contact us for further information.

Health & Safety Policy.

It is the responsibility of Acting Up to ensure the safety and well being of all its pupils. All pupils are to complete a Registration Form when joining and submit information clearly regarding emergency contact numbers and any existing medical problems. This information is kept on file. It is the responsibility of parents to notify Acting Up of any changes to their child’s emergency contact information. In the event of a fire, all teachers are aware of Acting Up Fire Policy. Fire drills are carried out each term to ensure the safety of pupils. In the event of an accident or injury a report will be made and the parent informed.
In the event of an accident where a child has been injured, the emergency services will be called first, then the parent/guardian. Please understand that dance and drama is an active engagement and whilst every effort is made to avoid them, injury can happen. Acting Up accepts no responsibility for injury sustained other than teachers negligence. Children are only supervised during their paid class time. It is not the responsibility of Acting Up staff to supervise children before or after the session, unless of course, a parent is late in collecting their child. School uniform must be worn at all times, only new children in their settling in period are permitted to attend without uniform. However, we ask that your child attends in suitable clothing and footwear for all classes. Jewellery should not be worn to Acting Up. Acting Up cannot be held responsible if you loose tickets to your child’s performances, tickets must be re purchased. Mobile phones are forbidden during lessons. If your child owns a mobile phone, the phone must be kept on silent and remain in your child’s school bag. Any child found using a mobile phone will have it confiscated. Please understand this rule is in place to safeguard all of our children. Video and photographs are not permitted during school performances.
The following documents and policy’s are available to parents in reception and a copy can be provided. Public Liability, Employers Liability Insurance certificate, Child Protection Policy, Data Protection Policy, Complaints Procedure, Current Risk Assessment, GDRP Policy & Governance Policy, Volunteer Policy, Designated First Aider, Teachers TRN/QTS, LAMDA Examination Policy.