Pre School

Ages 3-4 years.

Acting Up Pre School classes include tuition in drama, dance & singing. Children work on specially selected songs and dances to build on their musicality, as well as their rhythm and co-ordination. Drama games are played in order to enhance confidence, poetry and storytelling are used to develop performance skills and vocal technique. As well as some free play, allowing children to relax, let off steam, develop social skills such as concentration, co-operation and encourage the development of their imagination along with developing motor skills and teaching self -expression.
Our Pre-School children really do learn ‘skills for life’ which are very important at this young and impressionable age. Syllabus content is thoughtfully designed each term to engage children’s imagination and ensure that the emphasis in the learning process is on enjoyment.

Children attend for 2 hours and are required to attend in suitable clothing they can move in with drink and light snack. Our school uniform is only required after your child’s 6 week settling in period, when you are happy your child has settled and Theatre School is something they wish to continue. Our teacher pupil ratio for pre-school classes is 1:4.

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