Ages 11-13 years.

Intermediate classes include training in the major disciplines of; drama, dance and singing and by bringing these elements together, we are able to produce high quality pieces of musical theatre. The students experience what it is like to form part of a theatre company and there is a high emphasis on teamwork. The children will also work closely with the older students from our Senior groups which helps to develop their performance skills and increases confidence.

Drama classes give students the opportunity to explore their creativity and stretch their imaginations. As well as enjoying; script work, role play and improvisation that we use are valuable tools for improving communication and boosting social skills.  Dance classes offer more than just physical exercise. At the same time as learning popular routines from Pop, Modern, Free Style Jazz and Ballet, students make great improvements to their technique and co-ordination.

Singing lessons cover a wide range of songs and introduce students to different rhythms and tempos, as they work to develop pitch, tone, clarity and diction and improving on their technique.

It is compulsory for Intermediate  children to take part in our regular theatre performances that take place every second term. Unlike other schools in the region we do not charge for extra rehearsals. Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 15 children per class. Intermediate children attend for 3 hours and cover a lesson in each discipline. All pupils are required to attend in suitable clothing they can move in with a drink and light snack. Our school uniform is only required after your child’s 6 week settling in period, when you are happy your child has settled and Theatre School is something they wish to continue.

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