Early Stages

Ages 5-7 years

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Early Stages classes meet the needs of infant school children, offering a safe environment for each child to grow in confidence and uncover their full potential.

Drama lessons include; role play, improvisation and storytelling and all play a tremendous part in sparking creativity in children. Children can find new ways to express themselves as they experiment with actions, feelings and words. Learning new poems and basic script work they memorise lines through repetition and increasing their vocabulary, along with teaching them valuable social skills through interaction.

Dance lessons cover a varied syllabus that includes; Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Free Style and Hip Hop dance. Children improve their co-ordination and strengthen their motor skills, as well as developing their sense of balance and spatial awareness. Singing lessons helps children to develop timing, rhythm, clarity and diction as they enjoy performing to the music.

Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 15 children per class. Early Stages children attend for 3 hours and cover a lesson in each discipline. All pupils are required to attend in suitable clothing they can move in with a drink and light snack. Our school uniform is only required after your child’s 6 week settling in period, when you are happy your child has settled and Theatre School is something they wish to continue.

Early Stages Classes

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