Acting Up Children’s Theatre School

Acting Up casting works in collaboration with Peanut Talent. This is an optional service and does not affect normal classes in any way.
However, for those pupils who are interested in taking part in professional work the opportunities lie here.
Pupils who are interested can be put forward for professional work that can include anything from T.V acting roles, catwalk-modelling, photo-shoots for media work, theatre and radio work.
However, please be aware we DO NOT guarantee we will find work for your child. Some years your child may receive lots of work, where other years he/she may receive little or none. This very much depends on the casting briefs we are given and that we have no control over.

Acting Up and Peanuts together have built up excellent relationships with some of the country’s biggest BAFTA award winning Children’s TV Production company’s and it is through our on-going work together we continue to offer our children in the Northeast fantastic breaks!

We take great pride in finding, training and representing up and coming young talent in the Northeast for theatre, TV and film.

We are delighted with who we have on our books and are always on the lookout for future talent.

If you would like to be represented, please get in touch.

Recent work includes….

Hebburn – Acting Up pupil Curtis Appleby plays the lead characters son. A BBC Sitcom about normal north east family the Pearsons, their impetuous and ambitious son, Jack, and his beautiful but secret Jewish wife, Sarah. Staring :Chris Ramsey, Kimberley Nixon, Vic Reeves, Gina McKee, Jan Ravens, Phil Nice, Pat Dunn, Jason Cook,

Steffen Peddie, Lisa McGrillis, Verity-May Henry. Curtis begins filming Series 2 this Summer that will include a Christmas Special.

Scruff Productions. Feature Film – All 3 of Acting Up boys played the leading roles with Kyle Hughes stared as Danny Howard & Peter Dyers stared as Eddy and Sam Huthart as Bill.

The Angel-Virgin Media Shorts – Featured Curtis Appleby as Toby & Cerys Hallam as Oky. The Roman Fort -Documentary Produced for Welsh TV – Featured several pupils.

Magic Baby CBBC – Features several pupils

Wait for it CBBC – Featured pupil as a contestant

Trapped CBBC – Featured pupil

Copy cats CBBC – Features several pupils

Funky Fable – Featured pupil

TMI Friday CBBC – Nathan Scott

Mission 2021 CBBC – Features several pupils

NSPCC – Featured Abbey Green directed by Luke Losey and the producer was James Heath from Epoch Republic

Ways To Live Forever – Film Featured pupil released in the UK

Fat Friends – Yorkshire TV – Several family’s took part

Moben Kitchen Commercial – Featured pupil

Numerous other work however to many to mention!

Information for Parents:

Professional head shots are an essential tool for all actors as they could be the difference between getting an audition or not. We know that this can be pricey, so we offer our own service for only £60. When you come to the session it is preferable to bring a change of top so that we have an option to capture your best look. We will give you directions on the day to make the photos more dramatic but, if there is a look that you would like to go for, please practice it beforehand.

Showreels are now a major part of an actors career. Simply having a show-reel will not, however, be enough if it doesn’t show the actor in the best light possible. This means showing great acting in a succinct and dramatically powerful way.

We offer a bespoke showreel service that places your footage in a way that draws the viewer in and shows off your talent in the best possible way. We can also film and edit original pieces either in the studio or on location.

What happens at an audition?

Auditions vary greatly and very much depends on the casting brief that has been given to us. Most auditions for children take place in a relaxed environment where the child is put at ease and is able to be oneself. The audition takes place in the form of a workshop where children will spend time getting to no one another and are usually given a task to carry out or something to prepare. Children then perform in groups, until finally, if successful, maybe asked to perform on their own. However, this does not mean your child has the part. Normally at this stage your child may be asked a few questions that will take place in an informal interview. Often auditions are recorded so the producer can sit and think carefully about who they wish to cast or see at the next stage of auditions. Parents will be asked to complete a release form that gives the casting agent (the person running the audition) consent to take photographs or video your child. Other times children may be given a script before the audition takes place, where they are given time to familiarize themselves with the storyline & character. It is rare that children are expected to have learned the script from memory or be word perfect. Parents will be asked to accompany their children to the audition. However, will be expected to wait outside.

How will i know if my child has the part?

Sometimes you maybe notified direct by the casting agent on the day, other times the casting agent will only notify Acting Up if any of our pupils have been successful. Parents must appreciate if there are lots of children attending it is simply to time consuming for the casting agent to give feedback on individual children. Acting Up will only notify you if your child has been succesful. If you do not hear from us you must assume your child was not successful. Please reassure your child it is nothing that have said or done wrong, it is most probably due to the fact they don’t look quite right for the part ie to tall or small. However, there is always next time!

What happens if i find out my child is successful?

Firstly, we will need to organize your child a Performance Licence.

This is required as part of the Children and Young Persons Act for any child who is still in full-time education. It is designed to protect your child’s welfare and cover any time out of school for performance-related work. Local Authorities usually ask for at least 21 days for processing performance licenses. However, the casting agent may require the licence earlier. Parents will be asked to supply Acting Up with the following documents:

  • A copy of your child’s Birth certificate
  • 2 Passport-style head shot photographs
  • Medical declaration form -signed by your GP
  • Part 2 of the performance licence application form’s
  • A letter from your child’s head teacher giving permission to be
  • absent from school. (However, this is only required during term time)

Performance licence’s are normally granted with no problems. However, there have been occasions where they have been refused. Parents must be aware it is left to the discretion of the Education Welfare Team at your Local Authority to grant your child’s licence. However, please don’t worry, we will guide you through the whole process!

As a casting agent we offer students the opportunity to audition for external Theatre Productions, TV, Radio and various Modelling work.

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